Sports and Recreation

When you are in Cincinnati, Ohio, and looking for some recreational activity to get some exercise, consider going down to one of the public pools and do some swimming. The sport of swimming is a great way to workout and Cincinnati has several pools around the town that are conveniently located for you to enjoy. Swimming is also a great way to cool off on a hot summer day or just to relax and unwind.

If you enjoy the sport of golf, then you will have more than enough opportunities to play your favorite sport in Cincinnati. The city includes more than thirty public and municipal golf courses that are within minutes of any hotel in the city. If you are looking to get out on the links, you can be teeing off in just a couple minutes. Many of the courses offer discount play as well.

When you want to get in a little tennis time during the day, you can find many tennis courts available around Cincinnati. The city offers open tennis courts as well as tennis clubs that have public and private courts. You can also find public clubs that offer not only tennis, but have swimming pools and many other recreational activities. Tennis is a great way to get some exercise and the city of Cincinnati has provided many well-maintained courts for you to enjoy.

Indoor Rock Climbing
If you enjoy the challenge of indoor rock climbing, then check out all the sports facilities in Cincinnati that offer rock climbing opportunities. With companies in town like the Rockquest Climbing Center and Climb Time Indoor Rock Climbing, you are sure to find just the right location to enjoy this challenging sport. The facilities provide all climbing gear and staff to assist you with climbing. They are available for any questions you may have and if you are new to the sport, they will assist you with learning how to climb.

If you want a real workout, try the sport of racquetball. Cincinnati has a number of racquetball courts around town that are located at city parks and at public and private sports complexes. Racquetball is a very intensive sport and is great for the cardiovascular system. It is also a sport that you can play with a partner or on your own. If you want a real challenge, try playing a game of racquetball.